office professional academic 2010

by neowin88

office professional academic 2010

Actually the office professional academic 2010 download it the same download as office professional 2010, and the key is the same too, only the price is different , the academic is cheaper , because it is for academic and college students and teachers !

So if you have a office professional academic 2010 key , you can download the office professional 2010 edition too

en_office_professional_plus_2010_with_sp1_x86_x64_ dvd_730330.iso 
CRC32: 26613A02
MD5: 1AB24F80AB8E6DF7A6347A1B322704EB




But if you are not qualified for the academic version of office 2010 professional  , you can still buy a cheap office 2010 pro plus key on, it is cheap and working great on my laptop